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Comprehensive Health & Physical Education Standard
Fitness Tests
7th Grade Assignments
Flexibility Notes Study for test
Benefits of Flexibility Study for test
Safe Guidelines for Stretching Study for test
Major Muscle Summative - 7th grade Retake coming soon.
Muscular Fitness

8th Grade Assignments
Warm Up & Cool Down 8th grade test

8th Grade Task Card requirements
Task Card grading Rubric
7th Grade Health Triangle Tab Book
Health Triangle Power Point Lesssons
Health Binder
Wellness Notes
3 Principles of Training
FITT formula
Cardiovascular Fitness

Previous Assignments
Volleyball Unit
Health and Skill-Related Fitness Components
Wiki space assignment
Flag Football Terms
Warm ups
Movement Progression 1
Movement Progression 2
Movement Progression 3
Movement Progression 4
Movement Progression 5
Partner Circuit
Moving Together: Social & Emotional Skills
Unit One: Physical & Personal Wellness
Binder Assignment
Health Triangle
Physical Activity Pyramid for Teens

Last years stuff (2010-11)

Flag Football Unit
Basketball Unit
Soccer Unit
Goal Setting
Hockey Unit
Cardio Kickboxing

Team Building
Softball Unit
Lacrosse Unit
Racquet Sports
Team Handball

Fitness Center
6 minute circuit workout
Interval Workout
Fitness Relay
"Beat It" Partner Strength Workout

Components of Physical Fitness
Health-Related Fitness Components
PE Vocabulary

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